Saturday, July 23, 2011

Revisions Design Studio's 3rd Birthday

Sometime in the second week of May 2008, Revisions Design Studio was born in the basement of our small apartment in downtown Marquette.  On the path to turning three years old, we had moved to a location which suited the studio's needs, quit our outside jobs, and hired our first full-time employee, Janna.  In short, we've come a long way from simply microwaving a pound of soy wax at a time in our kitchen for a few dozen candles!

Growing our business from the infant to adolescent stage (i.e., employees, separate location, etc.)  took more luck than planning while sustaining Revisions Design Studio at that level is quite the opposite.  For example, one of our largest hurdles was to survive the over dependency on the success of a single product.  

Although the sales of our egg candles eventually put our small home business on the international map as well as provide us with the assets to expand, we eventually became stuck in a cycle of sale and production while slowing on the further creation of contemporary and innovative design.  If this course of action continues, the creativity and inventory of any design store grows both stagnant and stale over time.  Fortunately, we believe we have solved this dilemma at our studio through diligent balance between product design, manufacturing, and expansion.

It has been said that only 50% of all businesses will survive their first 5 years and only 50% of those will survive the next 5 years after that.  So far, we seem to be on the winning side of those odds.  Here's to continuing to run our young company intelligently, creating good design, and bettering the world around us!

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