Friday, August 12, 2011

Exciting Changes!

Hello Everyone! I have some really cool new and exciting changes to announce. This week we made some major changes to both our Etsy shop and our website. First things first, we have now divided Revisions' product line into 3 new brands! To represent these brands, we have created separate Etsy shops for each of the lines.

The Silver Lining
Our original Etsy shop has now become "The Silver Lining." This is where you will find the best spoon rings and silverware jewelry that Etsy has to offer.

                                     Urban Analog
The Rococo Mirror and the Polyhedron Candlesticks are just a few of the products you will now find under our Urban Analog brand. Here we create an edgy and modern take on home accessories.

Eco Elements
Elements of the earth combine in our ceramic jewelry and home accessory line, Eco Elements. Our classic Porcelain Egg Candles and Egg Sprouts are just a few of the products that will now be represented under this Revisions' brand.

Be sure to visit each of our new Etsy shops and mark them as a favorite. This division is paving the way for a ton of exciting changes still to come. With having our brands or lines distinctly defined, we have so much more room for expansion of new products. Stick around to see just what exactly Revisions has up it's sleeve next!

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