Friday, January 6, 2012

Before and After: Design Studio Renovation

It seems like every year around this time I get the bug to organize and change things up around my living space. This year it's the studio's turn to get a little facelift. I'm happy to report that 2011 was a great year for Revisions and we have decided to expand in a few areas of our operation. To do this, we really considered our options. Move to a different location and take on a whole new level of overhead expenses or put a little time and money into adapting our current location to suit our needs. After careful consideration, we decided that a move is in our future but probably not until the close of 2012. Luckily I LOVE a good renovation project! Our team dove head first into "re"envisioning our space and I think you'll enjoy seeing the results!

 1st floor BEFORE...
The first floor of the studio was dedicated to all of our ceramic production. This was very important during the "egg candle" rush of 2009-2010. During this time we were producing up to 1,000 units (sets of 6) of egg candles per month! Thats over 6,000 eggs all made by hand! To date Revisions has hand crafted over 30,000 porcelain egg candles! It was nice to have the square footage in this large and airy space, but the downside of having the ceramics in the main area is that we were constantly tracking clay dust up into our offices...

As the ceramic production end of our business has transitioned into the manufacturing of several other goods besides the egg candles, we decided to move our shipping/receiving area up from the basement and to relocate the ceramics to the lower level. This way the majority of the mess will be contained in the basement along with our metal and woodworking areas. With a straight shot out the door, it will also make UPS and FED EX pickups much easier!

In progress...
First the walls got a fresh coat of bright white paint. Then Torrey got to work building our new shipping stations.
We mounted a countertop on the wall to create a sewing area. To the right are the component
parts we purchased at the hardware store to create some custom lighting over the area.
Michele created a custom wall plate to wire in the 3 pendant lights. This was a less expensive and easier option than moving the electric to the ceiling
Michele also built custom shelving with some old barn wood we had on hand. The shipping stations were painted and put in place.

We now have a functional sewing area for making prototypes!!!

Sending out orders is a breeze with our new and improved shipping station!!!

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Anonymous said...

so awesome! wow! You guys have done a lot of work :)

Loved seeing you this week Michelle :) xo