Saturday, December 10, 2011

Renegade Holiday Craft Fair

This holiday season, Revisions Design Studio decided to participate in the Renegade Holiday Craft Fair!  After much success with the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago which was held outside on Division Street, we really wanted to give the indoor version a try.  With over 1500 applicants to this particular holiday craft fair, the Pulaski Field House was only able to accommodate about 300 vendors so we felt very lucky to be able to get into this one. 

 With our last experience with the Renegade, we needed to learn a few things about high traffic sales.  The usage of Square-Ups in combination with our smart phone technology allowed much easier processing of transactions.  For all those "craft-fairers" out there, if you are interested in accepting credit cards, keeping track of your cash till, and value a very low rate on the sales, you really need to jump on this wagon.  Sign up is easy, deposits automatically go into your business 
account the next day, and customers can even receive a receipt via email or text.

What a turn out!  There is such a great diversity of both 2-D and 3-D crafts!  If you are working on a few of those gifts for those particular friends or family who are  hard to shop for, come here!  There are many great finds which easily frame the individual you might be shopping for.  On a touristy note, the Pulaski Field House happens to be a hidden gem within Wicker Park if you are into renovated buildings or you can just come down for the awesome gleuvein!  See you there!

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