Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Im constantly torn between the desire to stay in my wonderful, small midwest town and the lure and lux of the city. For example, today I just had to have 7 VOSS glass water bottles for a project. Do you think anywhere, anywhere, in a 50 mile radius sold VOSS water? Most places I asked didnt even know what it was. I ended up having to order a case from a remote far off source. Whatever, it will be here next wednesday. I cant tell you how many times I've had a craving for sushi, or just wanted a crab cake and apple martini from Joe's Stone Crab, only to come up empty handed and left wanting and waiting till my next trip to Chicago. On the other hand, no traffic, no crime, fresh air, just clean and quite Marquette. Not to mention "The Lake"! When I was recently away in Minneapolis the one thing that felt so different was the lack of water. Though, I hardly noticed while scarfing down nearly $100 worth of awesome sushi at Chino Latinos. 
I think they call it compromise.   

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